Chopping Block – 41 John St New York NY 10038 MUST TRY RESTAURANT

Veggie Euro Sandwich Chopping Block 41 John St New York NY 10038

There are tens of thousands of restaurants in New York City, and we look to the internet to find which ones to go to. Whether it be Yelp, Google, Instagram, or any other directory, we like to pick and choose where we go to eat. I myself have been using many of these directories to look for local restaurants that I would like to eat at. When I first found Chopping Block on Yelp, they were still fairly new with very few reviews. However, out of those few reviews, they were mostly good reviews. So I decided to give them a try.

They have a very simple menu like most of my favorite restaurants. The Meatball Shop similarly have very few items on their menu. And you could see through their 2000+ reviews that people really enjoy the food, even as simple as it is. Chopping Block offers a variety of recipes ranging from the Brisket Rubenesque to the Fuego. Each of which is available in either a salad or a sandwich, they are packed with flavor. The meats are oven roasted in the restaurant, and made fresh daily. Not only is it quality food, but it tastes like a high quality meal as well. They use an assortment of different spices, cheeses, meats, vegetables, and sauces to make extremely unique tastes.

My personal favorite is the CBLT, which stands for Cheddar Bacon Lettuce Tomato. There are layers of flavors in this sandwich, it tastes very fresh, and there’s just the perfect amount of each ingredient in each sandwich. This very special recipe is put in between two pieces of hot pressed ciabatta bread, which gives the sandwich a crunch. Each order comes with popcorn, which is interesting because no other restaurant does that (as far as I know). The popcorn is stove-top popped and spiced, so it’s not your typical microwave popcorn or even any popcorn that most of us are used to.

In addition to the sandwich/salad menu, they also offer entrees which are slow roasted meats over some veggies and two sides.

They also have a La Marzocco espesso machine in this establishment, which means they make real coffee/espresso. Their espresso drinks range from lattes to macchiatos and more. Each drink is made with double shot espresso. It is not often that you find a La Marzocco in a restaurant, so this is definitely a neat addition.

If you’re ever in New York, the Chopping Block is a must try restaurant.

Chopping Block – 41 John St New York NY 10038 MUST TRY RESTAURANT